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                               Welcome to S & S Sports cards. We have been
                  collecting trading cards for over 20 years and
                  have amassed quite a large collection. From
                  baseball, football and basketball. From turn
                  of the century to present day players. As well
                  as autographs and other collectibles.
                  Also, we have recently became a member PSA.
                  If you are looking to buy, sell or trade feel free to
                  e-mail us at or
                  and maybe we can help.


                  We can also be found on ebay at scoot1872 or
                  jberry111b. Please click on the auctioneer to see
                  items currently available. Also while on ebay
                  check out ebay id fastball44, this is a friend of
                  ours who owns the local card shop and has
                  recently started selling on ebay.



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